Managing Director

About Us

WAM.Roongrueang Management Co., Ltd. has been established to provide property management and community services such as condominium, office building, serviced apartment, village, etc. with the standard of management system we provide, our clients are satisfactorily facilitated with continuous development of property value they live in. They can expect long-term enjoyment of peaceful stay in the property managed by WAM competent team having over 20 years of property management experience. We have competent and experienced staff in the field of condominium administrative management who received intensive training on service mind. Our technical staff holds engineering knowledge and the office administration staff possesses good handling of documentation. Our working process emphasizes continuous and systematic control to ensure smooth operations and transparency. Consequently, we are confident that we are able to provide satisfactory service at your condominium building should we are entrusted to enter into an agreement with you. Our objectives are to keep up conditions and systems of your building in order that the high value of your co-owners’ property and staying environment will be maintained. We look forward to your kind consideration and hope to be your condominium management contractor in the near future. We thank you in advance.

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